Malaria, Yellow Fever Vaccinations, Medical Care/Hospitals

Zanzibar is not an official Malaria area anymore. It is up to you to take Malaria prophylaxis or not. Do bring Mosquito repellent and drink lots of Tonic water (Mosquitos hate the smell of chinine in the tonic water which your skin somehow gives off). If you drink alcohol, enjoy a gin tonic at sunset (gin also contains chinine = double dose of chinine) – the gin tonic is only to keep the Mosquitos away of course 🙂
In the hotel rooms, you have mosquito nets and staff usually spray the rooms at night when they get your bed ready.

Officially, a yellow fever vaccination is only mandatory if you arrive from yellow fever endemic countries. It is not required if you arrive from any other countries. Please see official confirmation letter of the Zanzibar Ministry of Health below, dated 10 August 2017.
Having said that: When I returned from a trip to South Africa with Kenya Airways, via Nairobi (transit only), everyone was asked for the yellow fever certificate! In case you are coming from Kenya, transit or not, rather have the yellow fever certificate. It is a good idea anyway to get that shot since you are covered for life then. There is still no cure in case you get yellow fever!

In case you should require medical attention, we have so-called Clinics in the bigger villages that are run by qualified nurses, they can also administer antibiotics if needed.


Tasakhtaa Global Hospital in Vuga, Stone Town. Recommended. Reception for making an appointment: +255 (0) 24 223 2341
Emergencies: +255 (0) 24 223 2222, if you need an ambulance +255 (0) 779 770 577

Mnazi Moja Hospital, Kaunda Road, Stone Town. This is the oldest hospital on the island and the only hospital with a MRI unit. Be aware that the standards at this hospital are really bad. The hospital frequently has no running water, the doctors even in the ICU have to use bottled water and soap – they don’t have disinfectant sprays! Avoid this hospital if you can, except for MRIs. +255 (0) 24 223 1071

Al-Rahma Hospital, Nyerere Road, Stone Town. +255 (0) 24 223 6715

Tawakal Hospital in Fuoni-Kiembeni (approx. 10km from Stone Town city centre). Recommended!, +255 (0) 712063893

Kendwa/Nungwi: North Valley Hospital, Hotline: +255 (0) 777797779, 774773181, 621112222i.

Paje: Med-Express Hospital  Hotline: +255 (0) 776 766 666. Regular number: +255 (0) 776 399 999

Paje Medical Centre (just after roundabout, next to Paje Pharmacy, check Google Maps). Not as modern and well equipped as Med-Express. They do offer emergency treatment too. Tel/Whatsapp +255 (0) 773 530 927 Email:

General Practitioner:

ZanAid Clinic in Mbweni/Stone Town, 60 Chukwani Road. Fully equipped clinic with European doctors. Please rather make an appointment beforehand: +255 777 777 112 or or book an appointment online

Urban Care Clinic in Fumba Town (approx. 15km south of the airport). Dr. Jenny Bouraima is excellent, she speaks English and German. They have their own laboratory on the premises.  +255 (0) 622 820 011  Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

Should you get sick in a coastal area, best contact the manager or reception of your place of accommodation, they should have the numbers of the nearest medical practitioner

Dentist: Dr. Muhidini, Dental Clinic at Al Rahma Hospital, +255773207019 modern equipment, had very good experiences there

Pharmacies: Fahoud Pharmacy (opposite Al Rahma Hospital), Shamshu and Izmir Pharmacies (both in Darajani/Stone Town, behind the fish/meat market building), and at Global Hospital

In the rural areas, there are small Dawa (Kishwahili for medicine) shops, but they are usually badly stocked.

I suggest that you bring an emergency travel kit (e.g. cortisone creams and multi-vitamins) which you could donate to the local clinic or medical practitioners* when you leave, it will be much appreciated. Please DO NOT give them to the hotel staff or the locals in general. Zanzibari are not educated about meds: they are often taken like sweets, or for the entirely wrong illness, or even in the early stages of pregnancy – often with disastrous consequences.

  • Should you be in the area Matemwe/Kiwengwa/Pongwe/Uroa it would be great if you would leave your travel kit items, even opened packets, for Katrin Laurence of Kiwengwa. She is a qualified retired nurse from Germany who lives in Kiwengwa for many years and treats locals free of charge (our own version of Mother Theresa!). She will gladly collect the items from the reception of your hotel. Please just send her a whatsapp on +255716908629 with the name of the hotel as well as the receptionist/person to collect them from and she will gladly collect the items.
    EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING is much needed. Many thanks.